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Single test pay and use test as per your interest of teacher/institute/organization. View test score,question etc from your account.

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Follow your instersted teacher/institute/organization and if required chat Real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The TutorliV is an educational platform that helps in way to connect student with teacher,institute and organization each other in world wide anywhere. We are reaching out to help student to attempt pay and use test as need of any teachers/institute.

The services provided by TutorliV platform is free world wide for both students and teachers,institutes and organization. Only paid Mock Test and study material charge applied to use as cost provided by teachers,institute and organizatiion. No extra costs, no contracts.

To Attempt Mock Test, There is two way to find Test. 1) First Login to your account than Direct search test with test name. Than click on shown test than attempt. 2) Find your teacher,institute and organization page with page name than go to page. On page, go to Active Test section to view ongoing test and attempt from their.

TutorliV is good for kids, Follow your choice teacher to get instant post.If any query/doubt arises just send message and chat with teachers/institute.

On TutorliV, It's easy and simple to create teacher/institute/organization page. Login or Signup with your email id. After login, Go to page list than create a page for you.