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Hello everyone,
Welcome to my page. If you want to teach with me just message me we can communicate in detail.

Teaching Subjects: Polity, History , Geography

Qualifications :Bsc

Fees :Negotiable

Followers :2

Address :Indira Nagar, Mandideep, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Rinki Kashyap
Rinki Kashyap
Rinki Kashyap
Rinki Kashyap

Which among the following incidents established the supremacy of British over French in India?

[A] Battle of Buxar
[B] Battle of Wandiwash
[C] Carnatic Wars
[D] Battle of Chingleput

Rinki Kashyap
Rinki Kashyap

Who has the authority to increase the number of judges in the Supreme Court of India?

(A) The Chief Justice of India 

(B)The Parliament of India 

(C)The President of India

(D)The Prime Minister of India 

#indian #polity

Rinki Kashyap
Rinki Kashyap

What is the age limit for a judge of the Supreme Court of India?
1. 65 years
2. 60 years
3. 70 years
4. 62 years

Write your answer in comment.

Rinki Kashyap
Rinki Kashyap

The Last Suffer - Leonardo da Vinci

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